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About the Recording - No Coincidence

  This record started after I recorded two songs on my acoustic guitar in 2006.  During that recording I met a fantastic bass player named Danny Clay Williams, he laid the bass track over the acoustic recording.   After listening to those tracks I decided to record with live drums and bass.  These recordings done in late 2006 are the basis for the completed songs that you hear today. Boris Tavcar, an experienced session drummer and former member of The Desert Dudes laid the beat to these songs.  Background vocals were done mostly by Allen Palmer and Adena Pearl.  Kevin Stewart added acoustic piano to many of the songs.  Keith Finklestein played the acoustic piano on “Flush” and Chris Landrum played organ on “Just a Little Bit”. Adam Topol heard the song "Just a Little Bit" and recommended a veteran horn player, Dave Ralicke, he arranged and performed the horns on "Just a Little Bit". He also plays horns for many others artist from Beck to Ziggy Marley. Dave finds home in Venice Beach, CA.  The record is being co-produced by Danny Clay Williams and Tim Tucker.  The record was recorded, mixed and mastered at Sierra Sonics Recording Mansion (www.sierrasonics.com) in Reno, Nevada. Hope you enjoy our effort.


Tim Tucker

Artist - Tim Tucker

Album - "No Coincidence"

Produced by Danny Clay Williams and Tim Tucker
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Danny Clay Williams

Recorded at Sierra Sonics Recording Mansion Reno, Nevada

The Band:
 Tim Tucker - Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals & Harmonica
 Danny Clay Williams - Bass Guitar
 Boris Tavcar - Drums

Additional Musicians:

 Allen Palmer - Backup Vocals
(Acoustic Lead Guitar "As the Eagle Flies")
 Adina Pearl - Backup Vocals
 Kevin Stewart - Acoustic Piano, C3 Organ
 Chris Landrum - Keyboards
("Just a Little Bit")
 Kieth Finkelstien - Acoustic Piano
 Allen Zuiker - Percussions
 Patricia Esters - Backup Vocal
("As the Eagle Flies")
 Dave Ralicke - Horns & Horn Arrangement ("Just a Little Bit")

Pictures of the process:

Above is Boris Tavcar, our drum man.

Danny Clay Williams- Bass Guitar Player, Engineer, Co-Producer

Tim Tucker - Lead Singer, Acoustic Guitarist, Songwriter & Co-Producer

Allen Palmer- Backup Vocals & Lead Guitar ("As the Eagle Flies") with Danny Clay Williams

Tim Tucker- working on the recording with the SSL 4072G Recording Console

Allen Palmer & Danny Clay Williams

Kevin Stewart- Playing Acoustic Piano

Boris Tavcar- rocking on the acoustic drums

Danny and his guitar :)


I would like to thank all the players and musicians that are listed above plus a special thanks to everyone who helped get this record done, including Jonnny B, Tom Gordon, Zach Tucker, Adam Topol, Dave Ralicke, Dan Peters, Kitty Howard, my late brother Scott (who taught me how to play the guitar), Dan Neuman, Ryan Campell, Steve Brockovich, Harry Rabin (Sea Music), Eric and Chrisy Kroll, John David, Randy Tucker, Ellie Tavcar, Bill Gardner Robert L. Davis, Sarah Bulkley, Christa and Amerika Young, Steve and Nancy Watt, James Higgenbotham, Jene Craggs.

This album is dedicated to my late broher Dr. Scott B. Tucker - I miss him so much.
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