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Tim Tucker - About the Artist

Lives in Reno, Nevada and writes all the songs, lead vocals and plays acoustic guitar on this record.  Tim has spent a good part of his life learning about creating music, mastering the acoustic guitar and writing songs.  He says that "I get a series of pictures in my mind and then I began to write lyrics about the pictures.  Sometimes the pictures will carry a strong emotion that is the impetus for the lyrics.  The melodies and rhythms created by Tucker's songs can create a significant hypnotic mood. "  Songs such as "Flush" depict a Texas Hold'em Poker setting with the lyrics describing different aspects of poker play.  "Over the Line" and "All of These Places" are folk rock songs with strong melodies and rhythms.   The song "As the Eagle Flies" has a latin flare and represents a change in the style of music.   Ballads such as "Sometimes", "Those Days", "So in Love" and "Only Want to Be" command strong acoustic guitar along with Tucker's lead vocals with the rest of the band's strong performance.  "Just a Little Bit" shows the strength of the band's rhythm section.  Boris Tavcar lays the drums to establish a strong beat and Danny Clay Williams plays a 5 string bass rounding out the strong rhythm.  Tim was the front man & lead singer of the Desert Dudes, an all original band during the 1990's.