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The Tim Tucker Band's second CD, Tucker Too, is now available.  This CD  is a 9 song album featuring  Tim's soulful songwriting and the band's rich instrumentation.  

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Tim Tucker Band's new CD Tucker Too featured in Reno Gazette Journal

...Tucker’s lyrics are those of a man in his mid-fifties who’s developed his composing craft and performing chops over four decades, and has come to terms with his world, riding out the lonely spells in “the shadows of the night” (as he sings in “My Love”) and savoring the simple moments that survive in memory long after they’re gone, like a girlfriend’s blue-eyed Alaskan Eskimo breed dog (coincidentally named “Tucker” — thus the title track) frolicking to classic rock (“Free Bird,” in fact) playing on the radio on road trips. 

(Photo courtesy Michael Sion)

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Tim Tucker at 4-20 Songwriters in the Round

Catch Tim Tucker at the Songwriters in the Round on 4-20 at Studio on Fourth in Reno NV.  Tim is performing alongside Lizzie Cates, K.P., and Adam Springob.  This is a great opportunity to hear Tim's music in a performer-focused, intimate setting.  Seating is limited Show starts at 8 pm.  For ticket information and more visit the event page on facebook.

New Album News

The Tim Tucker Band is wrapping up post-prodcution on their second album entitled Tucker Too.  The Album, recorded at  Sierra Sonics Recording Studio, incorporates new instrumentation and rich harmonies.  Follow the band's facebook page for updates on Tucker Too.  


Videos from the Band's 
Debut Album No Coincidence

Listen to  "No Coincidence"  at:


Tim Tucker Connects  with Sold Out Crowd at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe
Tim Tucker  performed to a full house this past Friday night at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, as  the featured opening act for Dave Mason. Tim played this engagement solo,  strumming his guitar and singing slice-of-life songs about card games and  heart flames. Tim’s blend of folk rock features poignant lyrics wrapped in  full, rich acoustic tones that gently carry the listener through stories of  love and life in the modern west.  

“Tim Tucker continued  his musical journey, making a great connection with his audience through his  master songwriting.”  Said Wayne Carlson, chief soundman for Harrah’s Lake  Tahoe.  

Tim played from his deep collection of original  material, including three songs from The Tim Tucker Band’s recent album, and  two new songs – Mango Tree and Tucker Too.

I found  Tim talking to new fans at the merch table after his set.  He and the  crowd were discussing his new song Tucker Too.   “Tucker  Too is a song about a friend’s dog that happened to be named Tucker.” Tim  told me.   “We met after a performance at Amendment 21 in Reno--   The friend, not the dog!  Coincidentally, I met a woman tonight at  the show who also has a dog named Tucker.”  

“Are you so  sure that’s a coincidence?” a fan asked, holding a newly purchased copy of  Tim’s album, ironically titled: No Coincidence.

"No Coincidence" reviewed in Reno Passport:

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"The Tim Tucker Band is one of the best local acts to play the Reno Underground, accompanied by horns songwriter performer Tim Tucker pulled off an awesome performance to a full house. Hope to have them back soon."

Steven Addi
The Reno Underground

Pick up the Tim Tucker Band album "No Coincidence" at the following retail outlets:

3344 Kietzke Ln
Reno, NV 89502

1155 West 4th Street
Reno, NV 89503

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About Tim Tucker

Tim Tucker is a songcrafter with many years of experience writing songs on his acoustic guitar.  Styles ranging from folk, rock, reggae/latin are all employed in Tucker's acoustic guitar approach. As noted the entire "No Coincidence" solo records' music is made mostly by acoustic instruments. "That original acoustic recording allows us to capture our pure sound. This has made for a great foundation for the recorded music." Tucker says.  Songs such as "As the Eagle Flies" and "Over the Line" demonstrate the complex sound presented simply with acoustic instruments.  Except for electric bass and organ the entire "No Coincidence" record is acoustic.  Tim Tucker lives in Reno, Nevada and recorded, mixed and mastered at Sierra Sonics Recording Mansion www.SierraSonics.com

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